Our platform will give you chance to:

In the beginning, we will offer a beta version of our website.

We are just excited to lunch the token, so a pre-sale event will take place. We will lock 100% of the team’s tokens for Liquidity in Uniswap as well as 50% of the presale.

Our smart contract is burning 1 token for every transaction under 1000 IMP tokens.

The burn rate increases to 369 tokens when transactions are from 1000 to 10 000 IMPs.

Transactions from 10 000 to 100 000 will cause 1000 IMPs to be burned forever.

The process will go on until 9 million total supply is reached.

More importantly, our smart contract is saving another 6 in a treasury box which is shared between IMP holders once every 50 transactions.

On our website, everyone will have on button access to the information there, whether you are an influencer or a user who wants to find the right influencer. You can get more familiar with the idea behind our work.

The full version of the site will facilitate search by categories according to service, price, channels, and more!

In the full version, you will be able to seek live help via chat, there will be also chatting between all registered users.

We will create a scale for evaluating the services of each influencer after a user has used a service. he will be able to rate it.

Stay tuned for further updates! :)


INFLUMARKETPLACE is a decentralized protocol combining anti-scam and treasury in one! Our platform is the simplest way to get products reviewed!